Stainless part


If you want get a quote, please kindly let we know your requirement, 3D files, 2D files, drawing, sketch or sample parts all are acceptable.

All dimensions and tolerances are strictly followed based on the drawing. And we have no minimum order quantity required, any quantity will be welcomed.

MKWELL Technology’s production capacity is 10,000 pieces per month on average.

All kinds of Precision parts for all industries. We specializes in manufacturing CNC turning parts, CNC machining parts, CNC machined parts, lathe machined parts, CNC lathe parts, CNC machined precision parts, OEM auto parts , CNC drilling parts and so on. Supplying and exporting precision machining parts for various industries. The industries including Hi-end audio, LED, Computer, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Bikes, scooters, hardware industry tools, medical devices manufactures and so on areas.